Back at Fruit Logistica

The Sensonomic team is spending three days at Fruit Logistica to meet with old and new collaborators. Reach out to to discuss how you can transform your business into a truly digital operation.    


Value vs Quantity

Agriculture is where we need to get things right in order to tackle climate change. Farmers are at the forefront of what can seem like a fight against windmills: Ingrained industry traits, opaque markets, and an uneven distribution of bargaining power make most farmers price-takers and quantity-makers, instead of value-creators and quality-makers. The only way forward is green and profitable

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Tracking an elusive tree on the edge of the Sahara

How would you assess a business idea involving complex supply chains, and ensure the best decisions for the business’ early stage growth phase? Leveraging our knack for multimethodology, Sensonomic recently provided clients with essential resource mapping and supplier market information. This helped establish robust and evidence based operations.   Found in everything from chocolate to hair treatment, the shea fruit

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Environmental conservation – more food on less land

Agriculture is vital to feeding the world’s population but its environmental cost is massive, occupying 70% of ice-free land and driving deforestation. Recent proliferation of agricultural data presents an exciting opportunity to apply advanced analytics to improve efficiency and reduce impact. In this video I talk about my DPhil research at the University of Oxford on computational simulation to help

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Why we love open source mapping

Here at Sensonomic we are improving today’s farming practices through computer simulations, applying computer logic to land management. We are modernising farming with spatial data and spatially aware algorithms, developing models where things in the system are tied to a point in space, letting simulations play out in the (silicon) field. To visualise these models, then, we need some open

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