Digitising agriculture

Sensonomic helps you improve your decisions by building digital versions of your operations. We combine your company data with data from satellites, drones and open sources, and use this to inform our computational simulations. Our software allows you to test the outcome of your decisions before implementation. Find out more >

Who We Help

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AGRICULTURE. Where to plant, when to harvest, how to optimise logistics… optimising operations in agricultural production can have huge impact on yield, and on consumer perceptions. We help you compare scenarios and decide on the best policy.

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FINANCE. Who should you invest in, and how do you know they will use the investment sustainably? Satellite data is still largely inaccessible to most analysts in financial risk modelling. We are changing that, and providing collections of analysis-ready, or pre-analysed, data layers - helping you reduce the unknowns, and the risk.

INSURANCE. How do you distinguish between good and bad insurance objects? Products and data from optical and radar satellites can contribute to solving this challenge, with auxiliary data providing behavioural insight. Building on our financial risk models, we create simulations to help insurance companies to better price their products.

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To find out more about how you can secure long term productivity and obtain access to the Sensonomic simulation software please get in touch with our sales team by sending us an email at contact@sensonomic.com.