Who we are

Anders Gundersen

CEO & Partner | Oslo, Bergen and London

Anders has experience from C-level strategy consulting, academia and the finance industry. He has been project lead on multiple projects in Scandinavia, UK and East Africa. Realising that land management issues are inherently complex, and that decisions affecting people, nature and businesses are often made with too little information, he founded Sensonomic to provide better data for decision making and risk management. Anders holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and an MPhil in Economics from the University of Bergen.

Benedikte Holm

VP of Product | Oslo

Benedikte has 10 years experience in software, digital product development and leadership with an international focus, having led development teams at Trolltech, Nokia Digia, and Hyper. Previous projects include developing B2B and B2C apps and building and launching a new smartphone for Bangladesh. She is excited to combine her passion for product development with a chance to do good for the environment globally. She has a degree in Information Science at the University of Bergen.

Adam Formica

Senior Modeller | Oxford

Adam’s work on field ecology experiments during his undergraduate years at Columbia University opened his eyes to the many ways of quantifying and monitoring environmental data. He went on to pursue a Master’s in Biodiversity Conservation at the University of Oxford to learn how to put these data to use in protecting species and landscapes. He is now continuing at Oxford with a PhD in Geography exploring how computational simulation can help to increase agricultural efficiency and reduce deforestation. In between his studies, he worked at Microsoft Research and the University of East Anglia. He is excited by the potential of new data sources and technologies to create a world better for nature and people.

Lasse Gullvåg Sætre

Geographer | Oslo

Lasse stumbled upon the free software movement in his teens, and never really got out of it. After having worked on a few established Linux-projects, he and a friend started their own distro. He went on to work for an ISP then became obsessed with networks, and started studying Human Geography and the network society. His combined interest for mapping and free software, combined with his involvement in politics, he got concerned about how knowledge and innovation was produced, and pursued it through a master’s in Science and Technology Studies (STS). Before finding his home in Sensonomic, Lasse worked as GIS analyst and cartographer for the Norwegian Railway Directorate.

Joanna Wolstenholme

Product Manager | London

Joanna is fascinated by plants, and how they interact with society as a source of food, clothing, and oxygen. Her Plant Sciences undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge gave her a broad grounding in genomics, ecology and physiology, and an ability to process large amounts of information. She went on to study for a Science Communication MSc at Imperial College London, which honed her writing and communication skills. Work at another science-orientated startup, IN-PART, set her up well for life with Sensonomic.

Dr Karl Trygve Kalleberg

Technology Adviser & Partner | Oslo

Karl Trygve is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in programming languages, distributed systems, and real time analysis of big data in the financial industry. He has held positions at IBM Research and JP Morgan, and has also been an invited researcher at Utrecht University, Delft University of Technology, and Waterloo University, where he worked on language workbenches, program transformation systems and compilers. Karl Trygve holds a PhD in Computer Science and a Cand. med. (MD), both from the University of Bergen. He is the CTO of KolibriFX AS, and advises Sensonomic on technology decisions and software architecture.

Board members

Dr Siri M. Kalvig

Board member and shareholder

Siri is a highly successful entrepreneur, and founded the specialised weather service provider Storm Weather Center (now StormGEO). She managed the company in its early stages, and it is now an international company with a valuation of more than a billion Norwegian kroner. She has written several books on weather and climate, and is currently Managing Director of the Norwegian Renewable Fund. She holds PhD in offshore wind technology from the University of Stavanger, and an MSc in meteorology from the University of Bergen.

Dr Per Espen Stoknes

Board member and shareholder

Per Espen is an author, a senior lecturer at the BI Norwegian Business School, and an investor. Per Espen recently published a highly acclaimed book on climate psychology called “What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming”, and provides explanations, advice, and support for those who want to take an active part in creating a future where economic growth and long term sustainability can coexist. Per Espen is educated as a clinical psychologist, and also holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Oslo.

Edward Watson

Chairman, Sensonomic Ltd

Edward (‘Teddy’) has spent most of his career in “the City” in London, with over 20 years as a director and chairman of a number of reinsurance broking and underwriting operations there and in New York and Copenhagen – with Indigo Underwriters, Berry Palmer & Lyle, Watson Robinson & Associates, and Grieg Fester. He specialised in treaty reinsurance, particularly that of credit risk, and has been instrumental in a number of important developments in his industry, including privatisations and the consolidation of the credit insurance industry.


Dr Torsten Bondo


Torsten has a focus on space research, in particular remote sensing and applied physics, and has worked in a number of research institutions, corporates and SMEs. Prior to joining Sensonomic, Torsten worked at the European Space Agency’s Earth Observation department on how images from space can support the environment and ecosystems by providing input to natural capital accounting. Torsten was co-founder and partner of Sensonomic, and continues to support our work as a consultant and in an active advisory role. He holds a PhD in Space Research from the Technical University of Denmark and an MSc in Physics from Copenhagen University.

Alan Greenberg


Alan was the Director of Apple Education EMEA, then Asia between 2004-2009. He led the team who built Education Podcasting, and launched iTunes U in the UK and Europe. He is currently Director, Advisor, Consultant and VC to a portfolio of early stage education technologies and mission driven businesses in London, Berlin, Beijing and Palo Alto. Additionally he is a mentor at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, Telefonica WAYRA Accelerator, and The Duke of York’s iDEA project, London.

Dr Richard Bailey


Richard is Dean of St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, where he serves as Associate Professor in Geochronology and Tutorial Fellow. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (Oxford), and member of the Oxford Biodiversity Institute (Oxford Martin School). He is also the Director of the School of Geography and the Environment Luminescence Dating Laboratory. He is a member of several learned societies including St John’s College, Oxford, the American Geophysical Union, Quaternary Research Association and the Royal Geographical Society.