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Our history

The idea behind Sensonomic was formed in the Kenyan highlands, where Anders worked for several nature conservancies whilst enrolled at the University of Oxford. In between hiding from elephants and stand-offs with hyenas, he thought there should be an easier way to evaluate the real value of land use. Not finding satisfactory solutions, Anders tested the idea of valuing changes in nature on Karl Trygve, and what was to become Sensonomic began to take form.

Giraffe on the Kenyan highlands

The team

Anders Gundersen

CEO & Founder

With a background in strategy consulting and economics, Anders came to the issue of land management via his Oxford MBA and projects in Kenya. Frustrated by one-off consulting reports, he set his mind to creating a new, smarter, tool, and Sensonomic was born.

Karl Trygve headshot

Dr Karl Trygve Kalleberg

Technology Adviser

A good all-rounder, Karl combines a background in computer science with a medical degree. He developed software at both IBM Research and JP Morgan, before moving onto entrepreneurship with Sensonomic, KolibriFX and Age Labs.

Adam Formica

Senior Modeller

Hopping between Colombia University, via Microsoft Research, to his current PhD at the University of Oxford, Adam has been following his passion for increasing agricultural efficiency to protect nature. He is our modelling genius.

Aleksandr Petrochenkov

Aleksandr Petrochenkov

Senior Engineer

Alex is a computer specialist from LETI, Saint-Petersburg Electro Technical Uni., with more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, spanning from Russian Netflix to indie game development and fin-tech. He is a passionate Emacs/Linux user and our tech star.

Lasse Gullvåg Sætre profile picture

Lasse Gullvåg Sætre


A mapping expert with a love of free software, Lasse came to Sensonomic after being a GIS analyst at the Norwegian Railway Directorate. He has a degree Science and Technology Studies, is concerned about the sociology of innovation, and does project management for Sensonomic.

Matilde Slotte

Product Manager

Matilde has several years of experience working with online products in the fashion industry. With degrees from renowned Hyper Island and Regent’s University, and work experience from several countries in Europe and Asia, she is now committed to bringing customer centric thinking to the world of agritech.

Our board members & advisers

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