Harvest Planner

When you record your data in the Sensonomic Agricultural Resource Planning (ARP) platform you receive phased and dynamically updated yield predictions. During the crop maturation phase our software provides you with a harvest plan, and predicts where and when harvest starts. We know there are many considerations you need to make to kick off harvest, and our software allows for manually updating plans as new information is available.

Our Harvest Planner product can perform dynamic re-optimisation based on your packaging or processing capacity, the availability of labour and equipment, and weather conditions.

Immediate benefits

Auto-generated harvest plan
Dynamically updated maturation predictions
Integration with your analytic hardware
Real time updates on mobile and desktop
Climate variation
Intuitive and easy to use

Full operational control at your fingertips

Image from iOS (148)

Optimised for both android and iOS,
our platform is always just a tap away!

Explore our products
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Expected resource needs
Improved workforce planning
Identification of bottlenecks

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