Agriculture is where we need to get things right in order to tackle climate change. Farmers are at the forefront of what can seem like a fight against windmills: Ingrained industry traits, opaque markets, and an uneven distribution of bargaining power make most farmers price-takers and quantity-makers, instead of value-creators and quality-makers.

The only way forward is green and profitable

Farmers need a larger share of the value creation in the food supply chains. This will eventually lead to a less fragile food system and provide true societal value. Both the United Nations and the European Commision champion the need for responsible production, and the path towards the right balance between nature, business, and human activity. 


Sensonomic’s role in this is to show the way towards profitable and sustainable agriculture. We work with leading producers to increase the value of their crops, and reduce their environmental footprint along the way. In Europe we are currently focusing on olive oil production, where our goal is to:

  • Increase overall profitability for the industry by up to 25 % 
  • Reduce water usage for irrigation by more than 400 million m³
  • Reduce water pollution by up to 26 million m3
  • Improve the efficiency of fertilizer application by 20 %  

To achieve these bold goals we must partner with leading European producers. Europe can and should be a global leader in adaptive, profitable and sustainable agriculture. This will lead to more space for nature and improved competitiveness of European agriculture. 

How do we get there?

Most research and innovation in global agriculture focus on agronomy. This has had an immense positive impact on global food security, and is partially the reason for less serious food crises in recent years. However, the new technological leaps forward will come from predictive analytics and prescriptive insight. The key drivers for profitability in agriculture are the ability to:

  • Predict the right quantity;
  • Ensure the right quality;
  • Getting logistics right

Combined we know that these three activities can contribute to an additional profit of more than 20 % on top of existing profits, without the need for additional inputs. As the activities are interlinked they need to be addressed collectively for the best results, though even addressing them separately will yield significant improvements.

Industrial agriculture will lead the way towards sustainable land use, and Sensonomic will be there to help with the right technology and products along the way.


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