Anders Gundersen


Sensonomic raises capital to serve modern olive oil growers

Sensonomic has recently secured additional growth funding from a group of seasoned  investors with a track record of  scaling software businesses. One of the investors is an owner of olive groves and the rest are focusing on software technology to support farmers.   The company established a business development capability in Spain in 2020 and is already serving clients across

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Covid-19 – the ultimate immersive experience?

At Sensonomic we use an iterative approach to product development where we through user-centred and agile methodologies develop our technology. We believe using this combination of methodologies will not only create products which are efficient, profitable and sustainable, but also enjoyable and intuitive to use. As our products are used by everyone on the farm: the worker out in the

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Value vs Quantity

Agriculture is where we need to get things right in order to tackle climate change. Farmers are at the forefront of what can seem like a fight against windmills: Ingrained industry traits, opaque markets, and an uneven distribution of bargaining power make most farmers price-takers and quantity-makers, instead of value-creators and quality-makers. The only way forward is green and profitable

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Sensonomic collaborates with Europe’s leading olive oil producer

Sensonomic will work with the leading European olive oil producer Innoliva to increase the value of their high quality organic olive oil production. “Innoliva is a data and evidence driven business, and Sensonomic is offering a new way of delivering actionable insight. We are committed to continuously improving our operations, and the collaboration with Sensonomic enables us to test a

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The FoodTech 500 Award

The agriculture industry is adapting to new climate challenges and adopting improved practices, and Sensonomic is a proud facilitator on this all-important journey. We are extremely happy to be a part of The FoodTech 500 shortlist of 2019.  “Every single company that made the list have in our opinion become entrepreneurial success stories worth keeping an eye on, which is

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Climate Economics and Agritech

The 2018 ‘Nobel prize in Economics’ was given to climate economists William D. Nordhaus and Paul Romer. Sometimes criticized by contemporary economists the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ decision provided vindication for two researchers who for nearly 50 years have understood that our models for economic development have not properly accounted for the cost of pollution.   A very abridged

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Looking forward to 2019

As the new year begins, I have been taking a little time to look around at what we have achieved, and what we aim to achieve this year. Taking stock and looking forward is necessary as a growing and ambitious business – but it is not always easy to find the time. As soon as an opportunity arises the natural

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Enough time for change?

Anders Gundersen, our founder and CEO, reflects on the challenge of staying on top of things whilst staking out the course for the long run. It is no uncommon situation for business owners, leaders and managers. The one where you have to both look at the very short term tasks such as paying our amazing employees on time, writing up

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