Sensonomic raises capital to serve modern olive oil growers

Sensonomic has recently secured additional growth funding from a group of seasoned  investors with a track record of  scaling software businesses. One of the investors is an owner of olive groves and the rest are focusing on software technology to support farmers.


The company established a business development capability in Spain in 2020 and is already serving clients across the Iberian peninsula. ‘Farmers are in the midst of the challenge of investors demanding ever increasing returns, buyers who focus more on both quality and traceability, and societal demands of sustainable practices. There is therefore a growing need to capture, organise and share the information the farmers already collect’, says CEO Anders Gundersen. ‘However, this often comes at a considerable cost to the farmers, who have to expend effort and hard-earned cash to meet these demands, without being rewarded through additional revenue’. 


With experience from several crops across three continents, the Sensonomic team has brought in knowledge to solve challenges faced by farmers from multiple crop systems. With deep knowledge of olive production the company now offers software to collect data, predict yield at several stages of the production cycle, and to assist with decisions during harvest and transportation. 


Andres Espinosa, Sensonomic’s Business Development Manager in Spain, explains further: ‘Our software is based on farmer needs. Improving decision-making on farm-level increases profitability. Our software works well for both large producers and for members in cooperatives, and can be adjusted for everything from super high density to traditional production’. 


With the growth funding the company will continue to service producers in Spain and Portugal, and further develop the software based on client feedback. ‘As a software company we know that our success comes from listening to our clients and helping them to experience real benefit from using our product. With the growth funding we are able to provide longer trial periods for new clients, which is useful for both them and us’, continues Sr Espinosa. 


Sensonomic’s current pricing model makes their software very affordable for companies who wish to get started on their data journey, enabling them to digitize data capture and automate analysis to gain real time insights.  ‘For small farmers, our pricing is similar to a Netflix subscription’, comments Andres Espinosa,  ‘but don’t be misled by affordability, our software delivers up to 30% EBIT improvement’. 


To book a demo and find out how Sensonomic’s unique approach to predictive and prescriptive analytics contact:


Andres Espinosa

+34 722231101


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