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Measuring flowering for early season yield prediction and harvest insights

Para español, haga clic aquí. Yield predictions from flowering Conducting a quick, visual assessment of olive flowering with Sensonomic’s mobile app can produce highly useful estimates of future yields. We have developed specialized algorithms to predict final harvest weight from flowering measurements with an accuracy of 81% down to plots of 50 ha. Predicting total harvest weight early in the

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Tracking flowering gives producers a head start on harvest planning

Producers can get a head start on planning for the harvest season by tracking how the extent and timing of flowering varies across their groves. In the Mediterranean region, flowering typically occurs between April and May.


Olive flowering is an early and strong indicator of yields

Every spring olive producers carefully record the number of flowers on a sample of their trees with an important purpose in mind. The extent of flowering can be an early and strong predictor of the weight of olives at harvest in autumn with an accuracy of 60-75%.