Table grapes data capture and yield prediction now live

Our mobile data collection and yield prediction features for table grapes are now live in the Sensonomic app!

Currently we support field sampling of

  • Shoots and bunches before flowering (Phase 1)
  • Bunches and berries from fruit set to veraison (Phase 2)

We expect a plot-level prediction accuracy of

  • 65% during Phase 1
  • 67% during Phase 2

Exact accuracy will depend on the quality of sample data (representativeness of sample vines and accuracy of counts and weights).

Other features include

  • Maps showing field boundaries, sample locations, sample levels by field
  • Overview and filtering of field sampling data by location and dates
  • Export of all data entered into the app as a csv file viewable in Excel
  • Yield predictions averaged by region, farm, and plot with links to the underlying data

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