From Data to Insight

Good quality data sets you on the path of improving the management of your crop. With our custom-built applications for web and mobile your data will be easier to put to good use than ever before.

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With data from key events from the growing season we create immediate and predictive insight for yield predictions, sales planning, harvest planning, and logistics.

Our software products are used by:

Operating companies
Professional farm operations already collect much of the data that feeds into our software and our analytical products. However, few services exist for immediately registering and dynamically updating insight.
Our software is tried and tested for orchard and vine crops, and can be adjusted to fit with any industrial crop.
The Sensonomic software gives you:
  • Phased yield predictions
  • Planning insight for harvest campaigns
  • Operations management tools for reducing costs and improving value capture during harvest

Input and service providers
To efficiently serve their clients, input and service providers need insight into the needs of their customer base. Sensonomic offers growers the opportunity to share their performance-related needs through our independent platform, ensuring that growers and providers mutually benefit from each other.

Our data aggregation and data sharing platform enables immediate and predictive insight, ensuring efficient and effective resource deployment throughout the season.

The Sensonomic software provides:

  • Data sharing options
  • Aggregated analytical insight
  • Communication and coordination

Investors, owners, and cooperatives
Investors and owners often find it difficult to access the insight they need to assist operating companies with capital and knowledge. Our customisable set of dashboards based on aggregated data and analytical insights provide immediate insight into the status of operating companies and expected future cash flow.

With the analytical capabilities of the modelling engine we can provide investors with unparalleled insight into operational performance.

The Sensonomic software gives you:

  • Expected future cash flow
  • Operational performance insight
  • Dynamically updated portfolio insight

Yield Predictor

Get early prediction and insight on crop quantity and quality to guide your decisions before harvest.

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Harvest Planner

Helps you direct harvest resources to the right place at the right time for optimal yield.

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Logistics Optimiser

Enables you to coordinate and direct labour and machinery.

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