Yield Prediction

Get early prediction and insight on crop quantity and quality to guide your decisions up to and including harvest. Our users save more than one third of the time on data input and achieve 94% accuracy on yield prediction. 

We structure manually collected seasonal data such as flowering, tree stripping, and oil/sugar sampling, and combine these with weather forecasts, irrigation, fertilisation, and remote sensing data sources. This will give you instantly updated and dynamically phased predictions, with increased prediction accuracy the closer you get to harvest. 

Field workers can instantly update predictions through adding information in our mobile app, which logs location and activity data.

Examples of manual data input


Weight Sampling

Oil Sampling

Yield prediction data input

Historical yield
Site characteristics
Climate variation
Irrigation practices and water usage
Fertiliser application
Remote sensing data

Through data fusion and dynamically updated statistical models we predict expected yield at your most important decision stages, such as flowering, olive weight sampling, and oil/sugar build-up.

Our product simplifies and streamlines business crucial data collection and analytics.

Prediction Accuracy

Full operational control at your fingertips

Optimised for both android and iOS, our platform is always just a tap away!

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Expected future yield

Expected value of future cash flow

Increased percentage sold on future delivery, with higher confidence

Operational insight

Dynamically updated performance data

Daily updated advice on how to optimise operations and logistics

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