Harvest Planning

Our analytics platform integrates with your data measurement hardware to make accurate maturation predictions. By leveraging the analytics output our software will help you decide where and when to harvest for optimal quality and yield. Our graphical interface will show you the real time development of your maturation as well as continuously update you’re maturation predictions. Our platform can also integrate with your local weather stations and will provide you detailed weather forecasts to make better harvest decisions – based on real data.


Our product will auto-generate a harvest plan which you are able to edit and customise to your needs based on factors such as labour, processing capacity, optimal maturation period, speed and amount of machines. You are able to view your harvest plan on different granular levels, giving you optimal control over your harvest.


Auto-generated harvest plan
Dynamically updated maturation predictions
Integration with your analytic hardware
Real time updates on mobile and desktop
Climate variation
Intuitive and easy to use

Full operational control at your fingertips

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Optimised for both android and iOS,
our platform is always just a tap away!

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Expected future yield

Expected value of future cash flow

Increased percentage sold on future delivery, with higher confidence

Operational insight

Dynamically updated performance data

Daily updated advice on how to optimise operations and logistics

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