Vision and mission

Sensonomic leads the evolution of profitable, regenerative, and sustainable agriculture

We deliver on key sustainable development goals:

life on land responsible consumption and production zero hunger

Sustainable Agriculture with Sensonomic

At Sensonomic, we recognize the critical role of sustainability in modern farming practices. From tackling food loss to reducing environmental impact, our solutions empower farmers to drive positive change and cultivate a sustainable future.

Our commitment extends beyond providing cutting-edge software and AI/ML analytics; we are dedicated to revolutionizing agriculture for a sustainable future.


Join us at the forefront of the next agricultural revolution.

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Our food hurts our world…

1/3 of food production never reaches the supply chain (food loss)
Wasteful practices from food production is 6-8% of GHG emissions
Intensive farming practices reduce biodiversity and use too much water, fertilizer and pesticides

…but farming can be made good

We increase volume and quality of each harvest with tailored software and data-driven analytics
We ensure more and better quality food is produced, with reduced inputs and labour
We enable a the transition towards truly sustainable agriculture

Reducing Operational Risks:

With our data-driven approach, we help farmers mitigate operational risks inherent in modern farming. By providing tailored solutions, we ensure efficiency, productivity, and resilience in agricultural practices.


Expertise and Experience:

Backed by deep domain expertise and years of experience in global food systems, Sensonomic is equipped to lead the way towards sustainable agriculture. Our proficiency in building machine-learning and AI-augmented software, coupled with automated analytics and simulations, enables us to innovate and drive positive change.

Addressing Food Loss:

We understand that the journey to sustainability begins with addressing the root causes of food loss. By empowering farmers with data-driven insights, we tackle inefficiencies in supply chains right from the source.


Harnessing the Power of Data and AI:

The next agricultural revolution is underway, and data generation coupled with artificial intelligence will drive its success. Sensonomic is at the forefront, leveraging our expertise to develop software and analytics that empower farmers and transform them into data providers.

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