The independent and purpose-built data platform for improved agricultural performance

With the Sensonomic Agribusiness Performance Platform (SAPP) you can capture data, manage data sharing, and analyse performance across your farms. The software is built for modern farm management, digitising and future-proofing your business. Our products give you the insight to plan your operations, marketing, and sales with more confidence and higher accuracy.

You have the knowledge and data. We give you cutting-edge data management and custom-built analytics. Together we are evolving agriculture for increased profits, improved transparency, and a more robust food system.

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Our story

How it started

Sensonomic was created to address the complex management challenges growers face every day. Our mission is to lead the evolution of profitable, regenerative and robust food systems. We achieve this through delivering an independent data platform where farmers can capture, analyse, and market their data.

The value we create

Our growers experience lower cost in data collection and data management from day 1. We achieve better yield prediction accuracies with less work, and we make it easier to plan and carry out activities for maximising harvest value. Read about how much this can mean for you in our case studies here.


Why work with us?

Leading growers of high-value crops choose Sensonomic as their data and analytics partner. We have deep industry knowledge for crops that require intensive management, and we partner with leading global agronomic expertise when including new crops. We have expertise in viticulture and stone fruits, and we are including citrus, nuts and berries soon. With us you get a close partner for the long haul, with expertise in software, AI and ML, agronomics, regenerative agriculture, and analytics.



Phased yield predictions for improved control

Instant predictions for each critical phase is delivered instantly with each new data entry. We use deep agronomic knowledge to inform our prediction algorithms, and machine learning to improve the predictions over time.


Reduced costs through improved insight

Our phased yield predictions are put to use to give you the necessary insight to plan your activities for agronomic and operational planning. With us you will receive the insight you need for long-term forecasts, which are updated several times prior to harvest, Leading up to harvest the models will be updated daily or even hourly if needed.


Big data analytics for large-scale optimisation

Managing modern farms requires instant control of large teams, multiple machines and vehicles, and facilities, whilst adjusting for weather, markets, and unforeseen events. Our platform can be easily updated to provide the insight you need to re-optimise when changes happen.


Analysing input efficiency, agronomics, and management

Our platform is built for continuous improvement. If a plot is underperforming we will be able to tell you why. We help you track and document inputs such as irrigation, fertilisers, plastics and pesticides, giving you the insights you need to improve both during and in-between seasons.

Extensive global experience

With a decade serving growers across the world we have gained a deep understanding of what we can and cannot do. We never overpromise, and strive to deliver the most useful and usable software products. We learn from our partners, and put the knowledge to good use to the benefit of all. Our perpetual promise to growers is that their data is safe with us. We thrive and grow with trust, and want all of our customers to succeed.


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Product example

  • SAPP for table grapes

    The production of table grapes is intensive in management and dependent on deep agronomic knowledge. We unlock efficiencies with data-driven insights at every significant phenological stage, whilst simultaneously optimising strategies for data collection and input management. Our software applications are optimised for both mobile and desktop, and can be used on any operating system.

  • Phase 1: Pruning

    SAPP utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze environmental conditions, soil data, and historical trends to predict optimal times for planting. By inputting information about crop varieties and local conditions, farmers can use SAPP to determine the best time to encourage the growth of shoots and bunches, maximizing yield potential.

    Image A
  • Phase 2: Shoots and bunches

    SAPP can forecast weather patterns and predict optimal conditions for flowering. By providing insights into temperature, humidity, and daylight hours, SAPP helps farmers anticipate when flowers will bloom and optimize pollination efforts. This ensures efficient use of resources and enhances crop pollination rates, leading to healthier plants and increased yields.

    Image B
  • Phase 3: Bunches and berries

    SAPP can assist farmers in planning their harvesting schedules by predicting crop maturity dates based on various factors such as weather conditions, soil moisture levels, and historical data. By providing accurate forecasts, SAPP enables farmers to time their harvests for peak freshness and quality, minimizing waste and maximizing market value.

    Image C
  • Phase 4: Weight, size and brix

    Optimal effort at the right time is key for efficiency. With data-based insight you will successfully navigate watering, weather and maintenance, predict amount and time of harvest - which in turn will help you optimise cost in every stage of the supply chain from production to distribution.

    Image D
Image A

Explore our role in sustainable farming

By 2050, feeding 10 billion people sustainably requires closing three gaps:
a 56% food gap, a 593 million-hectare land gap, and an 11-gigaton greenhouse gas mitigation gap - according to WRI-based research conducted in partnership with the amongst others the World Bank and the UN.

We address this challenge.

Our solutions enable data-driven strategies that prioritize efficiency and accuracy in agricultural processes. They empower farmers to make informed decisions, reduce water consumption, optimise resource use, predict harvest times, and maximize yields, all while minimising resource consumption, fertilizer usage, and other inputs—thus reducing costs and efforts needed to transition to green operations.

Join us in building a resilient food system.

Discover how we work towards sustainable agriculture aligned with the UN's goals.

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