Resource Optimiser

Logistics optimiser phase 4

Harvest is a manic and stressful event for all involved. Planning and executing a perfect harvest means you have managed to harvest each fruit or berry at their peak value, without the value being reduced or lost before processing or packaging.

Our Resource Optimiser product gives you full operational control, where people and machinery can be redirected as soon as your insights are updated. You can redirect harvest machines based on weather conditions, pause harvest when processing and packaging is backed up, and re-optimise when unexpected blockers beyond your control appear.

Immediate benefits

Dynamically updated harvest schedules
Optimises for production goals
Manual override when necessary
Tracking of harvest progress
Real-time updates on mobile and desktop
Intuitive and easy to use

Full operational control at your fingertips


Optimised for both android and iOS,
our platform is always just a tap away!

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Harvest progress
Delivery goals met
Processing capacity
Dynamic resource allocation
Re-optimisation for special events
Performance tracking

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