CommonSensing: adapting to a new normal

Can you imagine needing to relocate your whole village to escape the sea? Your crops failing due to unpredictable rains, or the salt rising up into their roots? Can you imagine being daily, existentially affected by the already apparent impacts of climate change? This is the reality for many living on the low-lying tropical island nations of Fiji, Vanuatu and

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Looking forward to 2019

As the new year begins, I have been taking a little time to look around at what we have achieved, and what we aim to achieve this year. Taking stock and looking forward is necessary as a growing and ambitious business – but it is not always easy to find the time. As soon as an opportunity arises the natural

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Why we love open source mapping

Here at Sensonomic we are improving today’s farming practices through computer simulations, applying computer logic to land management. We are modernising farming with spatial data and spatially aware algorithms, developing models where things in the system are tied to a point in space, letting simulations play out in the (silicon) field. To visualise these models, then, we need some open

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Enough time for change?

Anders Gundersen, our founder and CEO, reflects on the challenge of staying on top of things whilst staking out the course for the long run. It is no uncommon situation for business owners, leaders and managers. The one where you have to both look at the very short term tasks such as paying our amazing employees on time, writing up

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