What we do

Sensonomic digitises agriculture, providing foresight for improved decisions. Our unique computational simulations are built on agent-based modelling and provide critical and predictive insights for land dependent industries. Big data, and big insights, packaged into visually clear, user-friendly software.

Sensonomic develops software and associated services targeted at large, multinational corporations, the financial industry and governments. Our clients are dependent on land based natural resources, and have regulatory and business requirements that drive their need for our solutions.

You can hear more about our projects here.

How we do it

Our diverse team build a mechanistic understanding of the problem you face, and
use this to generate a computer simulation:
  • Gain Understanding – We drill into the problem, and develop a thorough understanding of the issues at hand and the factors which affect the system.
  • Compile Model – In our agent based models, autonomous individuals interact to map out agricultural processes, and find unexpected answers to what drives profitability and risk exposure. Second order effects, climate impacts and operational optimisations are key features of our models.
  • Add Data – Earth observation data feeds our models with precise information on the location of agriculture and related infrastructure, as well as how their states change over time. Although access to data with high granularity is increasing, our innovative approach to modelling means that we can bring insights even where data are lacking.