Roads for Rice – Senegal, Mali and Cameroon


‘Earth Observation for Decision Making’ is a three year, multi-partner project funded by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).  Initially the project is focusing on infrastructure investments for smallholders in Senegal, Mali and Cameroon. The project is predicted to positively impact at least 30,000 smallholders in West- and Central Africa, and has the potential to improve overall climate resilience for the countries involved.

As part of this project, Sensonomic are designing a simulation to guide IFAD on where to invest in road maintenance and storage facilities for rural smallholder farmers in Senegal, in order to improve rice yields in the face of climate change. We are also exploring how the simulation could be applied for finance and insurance. For example, we could use the simulation to test how insurance might prevent losses from suspended access to markets from flooded roads or how increased finance may boost productivity where there is a surplus of storage.

Project Details

IFAD (United Nations) project to improve climate adaptation measures for smallholders.