Satellite Supported Financial Inclusion for Smallholders – PoC

An exploratory project to develop risk models to facilitate lending to smallholders.

Palm Oil Harvest Logistics Optimisation – Borneo

Optimising palm oil harvesting and reducing deforestation

Asset identification – Ghana

Discovered, located and assessed several thousand smallholder palm oil plantations in rural Ghana.

Plantation risk forecasting – Indonesia

Forecasting of profit-reducing risks related to palm oil and forestry.

Critical habitats mapping – Florida, USA

Sensonomic mapped seagrass beds outside coastal Florida for a world leading ‘oil major’.

Roads for Rice – Senegal, Mali and Cameroon

IFAD (United Nations) project to improve climate adaptation measures for smallholders.

Tea productivity – Kenya

Novel approach to improving tea productivity.

Critical habitats detection – Nigeria

Sensonomic mapped seagrass beds outside coastal Nigeria for a world leading ‘oil major’.