Agriculture and food security

Sensonomic participated at a dialogue meeting on food security with the new Norwegian Minister of International Development, Mr Nikolai Astrup.

A month in the South Pacific

Sensonomic’s founder finds himself spending a whole month in the South Pacific…

Exploring new partnerships

Sensonomic and Bjerknes Are exploring partnership opportunities.

Sensonomic to participate at SIKT 2017

Anders to “go home” for the Crown Prince’s SIKT 2017.

Sensonomic named in “top ten growth companies”

Sensonomic features on top ten list published by Finansavisen.

Meeting with the Norwegian Minister for modernisation

On May 23 the Norwegian Minister for Modernisation met with Sensonomic at the Norwegian Embassy to discuss the future of Norwegian innovation.

Sensonomic at the Beeb

Anders will feature at BBC 1 Sunday Politics May 28th.

Sensible solutions for smart cities?

How does smart cities link to natural capital? Anders is at the Smart Cities NYC ’17 conference to listen, learn and bring back ideas on how computational simulations can show how urban development will affect ecosystem resilience, growth, and everyday life.

Global goals and business opportunities

Will the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals open up for new business opportunities? On March 2nd, Sensonomic’s CEO Anders Gundersen will discuss his experiences at the International Business & Development in Oslo.

Added brainpower

Our team now includes Adam Formica, a very talented DPhil-student from Oxford.

Royal visit

HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway recently visited Level 39. Sensonomic enjoyed the lunch event, and appreciates the Crown Prince’s interest in and continued work to promote Norwegian innovation.

Our first months at one of the largest technology accelerators in Europe

Sensonomic moved the functional head office to Level39, One Canada Square in London late September 2016. In our first months we have met many experienced and inexperienced entrepreneurs, potential and existing clients, new friends, and enjoyed the London buzz.

The board visits Level39

Level39 is one of the leading incubators in the UK. Sensonomic is very happy to be a part of it.

LEFT launch

The LEFT tool assembles relevant environmental data from global databases. Within minutes, it produces a map displaying a simple index of ecological risk.

Sensonomic in the news

Sensonomic’s CEO Anders Gundersen interviewed by BT’s Kjell Østerbø.

Torsten attends the launch of the Natural Capital Protocol

The Natural Capital Coalition launched their much anticipated Natural Capital Protocol on July 13.

Per Espen on what to do with difficult problems

Climate change and global warming are complex, difficult, and emotional issues.

Anders gives lecture, and gets lectured

Anders was invited to give a short lecture at the BI Norwegian Business School on how to show the real value of natural resources.

Siri is appointed associate professor

The University of Stavanger has appointed Dr Siri M. Kalvig as associated professor and leader of the renewable energy programme.

Al Gore and his slide show

Nobel laureate Al Gore provided a motivational session in Oxford.

Torsten presents the climate adaptation project in Nigeria

In front of 300 delegates, Torsten presented the goals and key milestones of our three year climate adaptation project.

Sensonomic and the MPs

Anders was invited to meet with the entire Norwegian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance during their educational trip to London.