Agriculture and food security


The challenge with (some) cash crops

Coffea arabica

The newly appointed Minister of International Development, Mr Nikolai Astrup, kindly introduced Norway’s approach to and strategy for bilateral development at a morning session on a very snowy day in Oslo . Sensonomic was invited due to our work on technological solutions for agricultural production systems, and we learned a lot from both Mr Astrup and the other participating organisations.

The meeting fitted in just before the flight to Kuala Lumpur to meet with palm oil producers, and provided interesting information to consider on the long flight via Amsterdam.

Cash crops such as oil palms, coconut, coffee, and cocoa helps smallholder farmers diversify their income, and can be a force for good. However, the are often difficulties arising due to poor agricultural practices and expansion of land for commercial cash crops, and at Sensonomic we apply advanced data analytics to show what the expected outcomes of agricultural policy changes can be.